Wednesday, September 01, 2010

September 1st: Apple Pie Order

A normal summer would find me mowing the grass every week.  But this summer's high temperatures and dry skies weren't normal so the mower sat idle for all of July and most of August.  Last week, Mother Nature saw fit to help the grass grow again and so she sent some rain our way.  I fired up my slightly cranky 10 year old mower for another tour of duty in the backyard.
The fruit trees have endured the hard summer with greater ease than some of the other plants in the garden.  The summer's heat has meant that the trees have had to sink some deep roots to get the nourishment they need.  Fortunately, they are planted in the back of the yard, near the garden.  While the rest of the lawn suffered from the lack of rain, I always made sure that the garden was getting the water it needed.
There is no apple or pear harvest in my backyard this fall ----- the trees are still a bit young for that.  But gardens are all about promise and prospects.  They are a lesson in the virtue of patience.  I can wait.

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