Saturday, September 04, 2010

Gems of Wisdom

One of the most useful features of living with a child is the absolute frankness with which they evaluate the world.  Diplomacy and subtlety are not aspirations for the under 12 crowd.  Sometimes that can be difficult.  For example, my father tells a story about a six year old me rushing into my grandmother's house and announcing, "Daddy says that lamp is damned ugly."  True, but not helpful to the cause of family harmony.

JT regularly shares his wisdom with me and my compulsive over-sharing ensures that I can no longer keep it to myself.  Thus I present the first in an occasional entry that I'll call JT's wisdom. 

Last night, while we were at the supper table, my ten year old announced, "A sweaty crotch is not good." While I might prefer not to assess this situation over a meal,  it's hard to argue with his conclusion.

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Nichole said...

Or as my boys would say around here "swamp nuts." See, at leat your boy has some tact.