Sunday, September 05, 2010

And Now a Word About Plumbing

For the better part of the last 20 years, I have lived in older homes.  Not surprisingly, these older homes have also featured older plumbing.  And plumbing of a certain age must be treated with care.

So it was that I quickly learned to avoid flushing or running the water in the sink when another inmate was in the shower.  The occasional mistake on this front, most often the flush of the toilet while the shower was running, would result in the shower victim receiving an unpleasant dose of scalding hot water.  The flusher would then be the recipient of a loud and often profane scolding.

One learns to take care.

Since the new plumbing arrived in the upstairs bathroom, JT and I have discovered that we can flush and wash at the same time.  In other people this might not induce happiness, but JT and I are really quite giddy with the arrangement.  The other day my boy announced that this was "fancy living."

It takes so little to please us.

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Nichole said...

The 10 minutes I take a shower seems to be the time when at least 4 people find some reason to run water in the kitchen, downstairs bathroom, or the f-ing hose outside. Can't I just have 10 minutes?? So, now I shower at the YMCA.