Saturday, August 11, 2012

Grand and Great

When I went away to college, my grandmother and I began to exchange letters.  We wrote often and I have a box full of those letters.  My favorite one of those was written in April 2000, just after my nephew S was born.  I had my own small baby by then and in the course of just 8 weeks, my grandmother had tripled her number of great-grandsons.  In her letter that April, my grandmother wrote that she had seen the new baby and that he was healthy and lovely.  At that point, with three great-grandsons, she was a very proud great-grandmother and she wrote to me, "my cup overfloweth with little boys."

She wasn't the overly sentimental type and it was such a sweet thought that I saved the letter.  In subsequent years, the letter has been doubly special to me because later that year, and quite unexpectedly, my grandmother passed away.  So she never got to meet great-grandchild number four, a girl born to my cousin and his wife nearly six years ago.  They came to visit while JT and I were in California so I got a picture of the great-grandkids together.
I think that my grandmother would have been most proud of these four.  

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