Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Speaking My Mind

Rebecca Solnit has an awesome piece up at Mother Jones and I'm linking to it here both to encourage y'all to read it and also to keep it handy for those times when a man explains to me that "you guys" includes us all.  Or maybe I'll re-read it when a man patiently explains to me that I don't understand something.  Perhaps I'll print up a copy for emphasis the next time I have to explain why equal pay for equal work is important to our daughters and our sons.

Quite honestly, I expect this essay to come in very handy almost every week of my life.  And I"ll be damned if that isn't one of the most depressing facts of 21st century life.

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Nichole said...

I was visiting a local gym, and to make a long story short the male fitness instructor told me after I asked about proper bicep curl form that we weren't going to do any "girly bicep curls." GIRLY??!! Needless to say, I unleashed on him and told him I would whoop his ass with my girly biceps. No lie. My bestie was there as a witness. I have made the point each day since to tell all the ladies in my yoga classes how strong and amazing they are. Following the "Girly Debacle" I was sure to tell my boys that words like girly, pussy, and man up are never acceptable.