Thursday, August 16, 2012

My Ongoing Laura Ingalls Fantasy

One of the the things that T and I have in common is an interest in canning and food preservation.  Earlier this summer, we made strawberry jam.  It was delicious and we were hooked.  Soon after that, I bought some jar labels from Etsy and added mastery of home canning to my life list.  This past weekend, T and I made up a batch of peach jam.
Then we tried our hand at dilled green beans.

Jars of dill pickles followed.

Apricot jam was next.
If this commitment to homemade continues, it won't be long before I'm building my own log cabin and driving my horse and buggy to teach school in a one-room schoolhouse.  Somewhere in the attic, I can surely find the sunbonnet my mom made me for Halloween in the third grade.  Basically, I'm good to go.

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Nichole said...

Dare I say you'd make someone a fabulous wife??? ;) I mean, if the whole pioneer thing doesn't work out for you.