Monday, August 20, 2012

Letting Their Freak Flag Fly

It's one thing for Republicans to disagree with Democrats on the issues.  When expressed rationally and sincerely, I respect those disagreements.  After all, free exchange of ideas is the cornerstone of democracy.  But disagreement is one thing.  Misogyny and racism are a whole different kettle of fish.  This weekend, the GOP seemed determined to show just how far off the rails they've gone.

Take this example from the GOP's Senate nominee in Missouri, explaining that women can't get pregnant when they are legitimately being raped.  Seems unbelievable, no?   Read the article and watch  Representative Todd Akin say it

It was a busy weekend for Republicans seeking to stick their foot in their mouths.  Case-in-point: Franklin County, Ohio, Republican Party Chair Doug Preisse.  Mr. Preisse explained that he opposes early voting in his county because it may increase African American turnout.  He really said that.  Read it here.  

I've always suspected that the GOP was the party of heartless cruelty.  These days they seem happy to admit it.

Update: Akin is now claiming he misspoke.  He didn't seem confused in the interview I watched.  This morning, the Romney campaign has taken pains to "distance" themselves from Akin's remarks.  Distance, of course, is not the same as repudiation.  

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Nichole said...

Good thing Romney's running mate has a distant relationship with Akin. Wait a minute....