Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The Reset Button

Though classes don't start until September 10, back-to-school meetings start this morning.  When school ended in June, I was as exhausted as I have ever been at the end of the year.  Though the transition from the routine of school to summer's lack of scheduling is usually difficult for me, that wasn't the case this year.  When I turned off the morning alarm clock 11 weeks ago, my sigh of relief could be heard throughout the town.  I was so ready to be off schedule; to relax and let things go.

I spent my summer in the combination of relaxation (lots of reading) and industry (some overdue cleaning projects, cooking, working out, canning, gardening, and plenty of other activities) that makes my summer enjoyable and so essential to my success as a teacher.    I completed a list of things to help organize for the coming school year, of course, because that's always a summer goal.  But I also let my mind and imagination drift to re-charge for the coming year.

We have several days of meetings before students arrive on September 10.   I like my job, so I'm happy to get back into the swing of things though I suspect 6 hours of sitting won't go down easy today.  My teaching materials are already organized and I'm ready for students.  More importantly, the summer has allowed me to pause and refresh for the demands of the classroom.  That's happy.

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