Monday, August 27, 2012

Vocab with T: Useful edition

This month's vocabulary with T isn't a single word, it's a phrase.  It's a fitting choice for this month because I first heard it last August when we were coping with last August's post-Hurricane clean-up.  The loss of electricity had rendered my refrigerators useless (it had actually killed the one sitting in 4 inches of water in the basement) and T helped me to clean them out.  That job mostly entailed throwing out food.  Thankfully, we took on the job before the food had really commenced to spoil.  Still, it was an unpleasant task and T's sense of humor made it more manageable.

At one point, she removed the lazy susan I keep on the top shelf of the kitchen fridge.  Typically, the lazy susan has relish, pickles, mustard, mayo, and ketchup sitting on its spinning shelf.  T removed it and declared that it was the "wheel of condiments."  She said it just like the announcer on "Wheel of Fortune."  Never has ketchup and relish seemed so grand.

I laughed.  A lot. Under the circumstances, that alone was quite handy.  The name stuck, of course.  T's wry sense of humor and her way with words make everything better.  And that's happy. 

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