Saturday, August 25, 2012

Real Life Conversations with JT: Jaded edition

The backstory: Sports are a family obsession and we talk about them a lot in our home.  But our greatest energy is reserved for the national pastime, which JT follows in great detail.  In this, he is working through a genetic inheritance from his grandfather, with whom he has frequent conversations about the travails and joys of baseball players.  One of their favorite teams, the San Francisco Giants,, is currently struggling through a painful 50 game suspension for Melky Cabrera, who got caught using banned substances. Neither JT nor his grandfather defend drug users but they have a joint soft spot for Cabrera, and they are annoyed by his drug use.

JT:  Bartolo Colon is suspended for 50 days.  
Note: Colon is a player for another of Grandpa's teams, the hard-luck Oakland A's, who are were actually having a pretty good season, in part thanks to Colon.

Mama:  Jeez, what did he do?

JT (in a tone of knowing disappointment): Drugs.  What else is there?

Hey ballplayers, kids are watching.

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