Wednesday, August 15, 2012

In the Family Gardens

My interest in gardening comes from my dad, who has always planted a garden.   My own garden planting always features lots of planting conversations with him.   I enjoy seeing what he has planted every year.
Though I probably didn't appreciate it enough when I lived there, my annual California visits these day feature me quizzing my dad about the plants that grow in the central valley.  My Dad's garden has some things that I can only dream of planting, like this lime tree.
Dad's garden also makes clear where I come by my fondness for trailing ivy.
Dad's got a lot more tomatoes that I have (perhaps he'd welcome my possum?).
And the peppers look terrific.
Though he's always got one growing complaint or another (I've never met a gardener who is perfectly satisfied), my dad's garden is really impressive this year.
A few blocks away, my brother-in-law, Uncle M, opted for flowers in his yard. He's got some lovely rosebushes along the back wall of his garden.

He's also trained peach trees to grow against the fence, making the best of his limited growing space.  It's really an ingenious solution.
I came home inspired to get back into my garden.  Today, I'm planting another rosemary plant, which will come in handy for fall cooking (and eating!) projects.  I'm also pulling out the sugar snap peas, which have finished their growing season.  I'll replace them with beets and carrots for a late fall harvest.  There are plenty of tomatoes still to come.  There is more gardening to enjoy before fall frosts arrive and that's a most happy thing.

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