Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Happy Birthday Shelley!

My friend Shelley ( having a birthday today and so I thought it would be fitting to list a few of the things that I love best about Shelley. Here goes:

1. The way she smiles when she sees you.

2. The great way that she loves her son and mine as well. I call my boy muffin-a-puffin sometimes and she calls him my muffin and that always makes me smile.

3. Her spirituality --- the way that it grounds her, comforts her, and comforts me.

4. Her essential optimism.

5. The way that she takes care of her friends. The way that you just know Shelley will be there for you if you need her.

6. The way that she takes charge of her world and works hard to make it better.

Happy Day Shelley!


Shelley said...

Okay, no fair making me cry.

Thank YOU for helping to make my special day that much more special.

tlc said...


tlc said...

how come you always make numbers of 6?